Heil Furnace Troubleshooting

Heil furnace troubleshooting requires a lot of research and work. Sometimes wrong information on troubleshooting leads to more problems for your furnace in the long run. Now if you think you can mainly done all the work without needing the help of a technician, here are some troubleshooting tips for furnaces made by Heil.

A vital part of every good house is an efficient furnace and Heil manufacture’s one. So if you have one at your home or you are just planning to buy one, you should pay attention to its daily performance to assure that it will be efficient and it will work just like the way you want it to be.

Heil furnace troubleshooting includes checking the pilot light. One common problem for furnaces is its pilot out is not burning. Pilot lights can go out because of dust particles that accumulated in the glass tube of the furnace. To relight it turn p the thermostat to a temperature that is high enough to drive and kick the furnace on ensuring that the gas valve is turned off. Wait a few minutes for any residual gas to clear out and then use a match or a long lighter to ignite the pilot light. If your hearing “rumbling noises” you might want to check if your pilot is correctly adjusted. Poorly adjusted pilot causes the thermocouple to poorly detect the temperature your pilot light gives preventing the gas valves form opening.  Just adjust the pilot light, and check the adjustments and listen if you can still hear the rumbling sounds.

If you can still hear these rumbling sounds, you might want to clean its gas burners. It’s because of dirt that also causes the pilot to cause the rumbling sounds. If you hear noises different from the rumbling noise, check the motors shaft bearings, it might need to be oiled, check also the belt it might have been slipping out of place or it might be worn out. If the belt causes the noise, you should better replace it immediately.  If you Heil furnace turn on and off too often, this problem is also caused by dirt found from air filters. This problem can also be caused by blower motor issues and thermostat problems. Replace the filter, oil the lubricator ports on the blower motor and replace the thermostat.  Dirty air filters are also the culprit that causes you furnace not to produce enough heat. This heil furnace troubleshooting tips always point out that dirt is the primary cause of the problems you can have in your furnace.

Well if these Heil furnace troubleshooting tips were of enough help, then you should be glad because you have fixed it easily and avoided replacing some expensive parts you have to buy but if these tips were not that helpful, maybe its time for you to ask for help. Call a technician that specializes in furnace repair. In that way you can be sure your furnace will be fixed fast without you breaking some delicate parts in you furnace.

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